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Intercessory Ministry

Intercession is a selfless act that is considered by some people to be the highest form of prayer.  Just as Jesus intercedes for us (Hebrews 7:25), then we too must intercede for all mankind.  It is a commitment for the righteous to go before God to seek restoration between Him and His fallen creation.

The Prayer Ministry of Intercession requires total commitment and dedication; a personal prayer life and an intimate relationship with God. This is a ministry that draws you closer to God and leads you to earnestly seek the face of God. 

Intercession involves praying extended periods of time on a regular basis on behalf of others, and presenting the needs of others to the Lord as you stand in the gap for them, seeing frequent and specific answers to your prayers.

If you are an experience intercessor or have the heart to pray but lack experience we are willing to train you.

We welcome you to join our Prayer team.

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